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Everything you ever wanted to know about outsourced marketing but were afraid to ask.

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What are the benefits of going outside my organization for marketing help versus hiring internally?

There are many benefits to hiring specialists outside your organization to help with your marketing efforts:

  • an objective approach
  • expert advice and world-class capabilities
  • help to close the gap between the vision and the results
  • achieve revenue goals
  • save costs
  • meet schedules not possible with internal staff
  • scale up a project without increasing the number of permanent staff
  • improve efficiency or free up your existing employees to better focus on your core business.

Why should I choose Mint Marketing Works?

Because we love what we do and we are good at it. We are a small team of talented and dedicated marketing professionals. We have a broad range of expertise with decades of combined experience. We have a passion for marketing and for helping our clients succeed. See the “How are we different” for more information.

When would I need Mint’s marketing services?

It’s different for every company but here are some reasons why you may want Mint Marketing Works for some or all of your company’s marketing:

  • you need strategic direction
  • you need someone to manage larger projects and the big picture
  • don’t have a need or budget for full time employees
  • you need a broad range of skills/services that can support an existing small internal marketing group or that can operate where there is no marketing at all
  • you need a regional delivery of a worldwide or national marketing plan
  • you are dissatisfied with their current provider and need / are looking to replace them
  • looking for a marketing partner, long term relationship
  • businesses who want personalized, customized service, not looking to be churned through a process.

Could I save costs by outsourcing?

Yes. Some people believe that they need to pay exorbitant rates to get expert help. While we value the work we do and believe that marketing is worth the investment, we believe that outsourcing can be a cost-effective option and we work with clients to fit their budgets. Before Mint Marketing Works, we had senior marketing roles within organizations and benefited from outsourcing as part of our overall marketing strategy. Here are only a few of the many reasons:

  • save hours and money not having to hire and train new staff
  • save paying out company benefits and down time
  •  get a broad range of skills from a variety of experts for less than the cost of one full-time employee
  • projects can take less time and money because seasoned marketing professionals have established best practices and processes to get the work done

What is the process for outsourced marketing? How does it work?

It’s pretty simple.  First we meet with you to understand your business your goals, your needs and your gaps. We put together a proposal, including pricing, to move you to where you want to go and, when approved, we get to work. You decide how involved you want to be and if there is internal staff or external suppliers you want us to work with. Alternatively we can take over the entire project, giving you regular status updates and seeking approval when needed.

How do we work together if you are not in our office like our employees?

We communicate well over email, on the phone and in person when needed. We have a variety of online tools to help us manage projects, share files, track progress and share updates to keep you informed at all times.

I have an internal marketing team; can you work with them?

Yes. We can lead the way, coach, mentor and direct. If there is already a clear focus and direction, we can work to enhance and support your existing team. We can work with our suppliers or with ours. We’re here to help you succeed in whatever way possible.

I have virtually no marketing team; can you still work with us?

Yes. We can work with you to set goals on a strategic level and also put those plans in motion. We become your virtual internal team, carrying out your programs with expert project management for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

I don’t need help at the strategic level, only for a small project. Can you still help me?

Yes. We enjoy working with our clients at every stage, including program level project work.

We need to revisit our existing brand strategy, positioning, online marketing and all our creative. Can you handle all that?

Absolutely – we do this all the time across diverse organizations . . .with success. By conducting an objective discovery of your company, we help you find your identity and determine where you need to go. We work with you to create a solid business and marketing plan, and we execute the plan with the best creative talent around.

What are your rates?

We quote on a project basis, taking into account your budget, timeline and needs. We allocate the best fit resources to meet your budget and expected outcomes. We won’t be the cheapest but we will deliver results.

What if we are not satisfied with the Mint?

We don’t believe in forced contracts, we believe in mutually beneficial relationships. If you are not satisfied with Mint, we will refund any unused portion of your project investment upon 30 days notice.

How will I know if I am getting value from your services?

Before we begin any project, we work with you to determine your needs, your goals and the value of your desired outcomes. This gives us a clear focus, guiding everything and anything we do back to your goals. We use these defined success factors to measure against at any stage in the project and the ability to assess how we are doing relative to your desired outcome.

What types of organizations do you work with and in what industries?

We have worked with start-up companies, multi national organizations and those in between; we have worked with government and non profit groups; in business-to-business and business- to-consumer markets; in high tech, retail, e-commerce, finance, security, manufacturing and other industries. We work with technology innovators and service leaders. The common link is that the organizations we work with have a strong product or service offering and understand the value of good marketing. Our goal is to help you thrive in your marketplace.

Do you have starter packages to get us started with some basics?

You bet.  We have a variety of Mint Tasters from social media, to PPC, SEO and online analytics. We also offer brand, marketing and web audits to take a temperature check of where you are and how are you are performing. Contact us for more details.

When can we get started?

We would love to say right away and most times we can. However, there are times when our calendar books up and we have to schedule new projects. Our goal is to work to your timelines whenever possible. Contact us to ask about our current availability.

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