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multicolour-mintsMint is about people. These are our peeps.

We are a group of marketing professionals that have been around long enough to know what’s what, and what’s going to work for your needs. And yet we haven’t been around so that long that we don’t know the latest ways for building strong relationships and communities with your clients. We’re hip, but not hipsters. We’re experienced, but not ancient.

We think we’re all that... and we think you will too!

Ivana Misci – principal, strategist, online marketing guru

Ivana is our fearless leader.  OK, she’s got fears like we all do, but nothing that ever held her back once she set her heart on something.  When it comes to marketing strategy, web development and online marketing, Ivana has been there and done that.  She’s got a BBA and an MBA behind her name and she’s worked for some of the world’s most innovative companies.


Ivana ‘s intellectual, methodical side blends easily with her creative side expressing itself in strategic problem solving and community building. Her analytical eye and ceaseless curiosity always has her wanting to do things a new way, to come up with new solutions. Whatever Ivana pursues, she does with Passion balanced with Practicality. Call it . . . Type P.

Ivana’s a great outdoor enthusiast and has been known to ride a mean mountain bike and cross more than a few marathon finish lines.

She goes the distance in all she does.

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Susie Poulsen – senior strategist, brand master

Susie’s been developing brand strategies and launching new brands for over 15 years.  She thrives on helping companies raise their game and knows the right brand strategy can transform your marketing, and your entire organization. Susie’s got a reputation for asking the tough questions and firmly believes that going a little (or a lot) outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

Susie ‘s all about all things design, and is a maker at heart. She loves travel, exploring nature, growing things, and photographing all of the above.

Our big picture thinker.

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Shelley Voyer – sales strategies, lead generation, growth initiatives

Shelley is our sales strategist and lead gen ninja. She brings a unique blend of creative entrepreneurial initiative and analytical thinking to Mint and especially loves looking for new market opportunities and driving growth initiatives for clients. With over fifteen years of experience growing technology and digital media products and services, she’ll have you seeing more $ in no time.

Our Island girl, Shelley can be found at the beaches in Victoria yelling after her crazy dog Winston.

She’ll show you the money!

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Katt Stearns – social media strategist

Our social media master, Katt started playing in the social media space back when it was just MySpace and Facebook. Since then she has expanded into Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. With her vast experience she has been consulting, speaking and holding workshops to help organizations make sense of social media. In 2015 Katt was the recipient of the 2015 Canadian Digital Marketer of the Year Award. 

Coffee, wine and chocolate lover. Hiker, runner and horseback rider to burn it off!!

She’s making sense of social.

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Audrey Plé – senior strategist

If a marketing shop had a Jedi Knight, Audrey would be it :-). Audrey is a senior executive with a strategic marketing background and extensive international experience that will knock your socks off. With her thirst for success and ability to operate on both a strategic and tactical level, Audrey delivers amazing results every time.

She has a soft spot for long walks with her three dogs.

She’s our secret weapon : -)

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Mari-Lou Nidel – media buyer

Media maven Mari-Lou’s marketing career spans nearly 30 years. Among the many #girlboss things she’s done, influential roles include leading post-secondary marketing courses, holding director level marketing positions, and establishing a global media department for a billion dollar company. She brings her media buying savvy to Mint, engaging with the right audience every time.

Though she’s quick on her feet, she loves taking it easy to enjoy the slow food movement… with a fine glass of wine!

She’ll give you somethin’ to talk about.

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Nicole Ridgedale – strategist, copywriter, trendsetter

Nicole is our word slayer. She’s our resident communications pro who’s in the know on all things copy writing. Her expertise spans from concept through to copy development for any audience in the digital, print or video realm. From ad concepts for print or radio, brochure content, web and SEO copy, to blog editorial, you name it . . . she can write it.

Nicole keeps herself entertained in her spare time by of course, writing . . . novels though!

Our noble word samurai!!

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Stacey Plesko – office assistant, anything needs doin'

Stacey is our administrative support Supergirl. At the core of her 20 years of experience are a strong work ethic, impeccable time management skills, and killer interpersonal instincts. Her real super power is being highly adaptable, pitching in on projects in every capacity —she’s our right hand, left hand and every hand in-between! It comes as no surprise that her motto is, “Always learning and always at the ready.”
Like a real Vancouverite, she’s a runner and hiker who enjoys exploring the many rivers, trails and mountains in her own backyard.

She’s our superhero.

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